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  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Seventh Generation
  • North Star Orchard
  • Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters

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We originally launched Logical Living because we want to help people figure out how to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.  That is still the case but now we also offer you the ability to eat "green" as well.  Fresh Express is a home delivery service for local, healthy foods that are brought right to your door.  We have partnered with some of the best farmers in our area to bring you healthy, local foods such as milk, eggs, beef, mushrooms, coffee, fruit and vegetables and much more.  Not only will you love the taste of our foods but you will be supporting our local farms therefore cutting down on fossil fuels used to truck in foods from far away.  Our foods are also hormone and preservative free and better for you.

We are just getting started here at Logical Living, so we would appreciate feedback on any of the foods we offer or the Lifestyle Assessment you can take on the site to let you know how you are doing in your own house as far as your "Green Score" is concerned.  Please let us know what you think and if you have ideas to help us improve and thereby helping others who use our services then please let us know!  Thank you for being a part of Logical Living.

Contact us:  Phone - 610.637.0728 Fax - 610.444.4693 
E-mail - delivery@logical-living.com